What are signs of a bowel perforation?

by | May 12, 2023 | Medical Malpractice

You should not have to worry that going through an operation will leave you in a life-threatening situation. Unfortunately, some patients suffer because of an error committed by doctors or nurses during surgery. Sometimes a person will experience health problems due to bowel perforation.

Abdominal surgeries such as a colonoscopy, a cesarean section or a hysterectomy require doctors to work in the bowel section. Trouble can arise if a surgeon creates a hole somewhere in your esophagus, stomach or intestines and does not treat the injury before completing the surgery.

Symptoms you could experience

The Cleveland Clinic describes a variety of symptoms that manifest if you have a bowel perforation. Your abdomen may feel tender if you touch it. You could also notice that your abdomen is swelling or appears bloated. Some patients feel pain or develop harsh cramps.

Additional symptoms usually include chills or a fever. Nausea could also manifest, which may lead to episodes of vomiting.

Dangerous results of a bowel perforation

Having a hole in your bowel system is a dangerous development. If you do not receive medical treatment as soon as possible, you could experience severe blood loss if you bleed internally. Additionally, your body may suffer an infection and go into sepsis. This could lead to your death if it progresses into septic shock.

Bowel perforations can have life-lasting consequences even if doctors repair them. Some patients end up with permanent damage to their intestines. This is why it is important to learn if medical malpractice plays a role in any gastrointestinal injury you experience, as you may want to explore your legal options.

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